November 14th, 2016 my friend Ray and I went out to look at a abandoned house that our bus passes every day. The house settling sits right next door to a McDonalds on Barhamsville Rd Toano VA.No ghosts though, when I first saw the beautiful house I was frightened to go any  closer to the house thinking a monster from a horror movie will pop out. Stepping closer Ray pointed out that there was once a porch. But because of the ceiling of the porch collapsed anyone wouldn’t have known that a family were once sipping sweet tea on a hot Virginia day years ago.Furniture are still still in the house! Now really frightened that a monster will pop out I look at the broken windows possibly from vandalism and the mold on the pealing wallpaper. By the long couch is a door but because there were No Trespassing signs on the house we did not go in to explore more into the house.The cause of the people that once lived here in the once extravagant house was a fire. The fireplace had caught the house on fire. This room is connected to the room with the chair and the couch.Two sheds sit behind the house. Imagine the little plants not there and everything is brand new. It’s not in the picture but there is a long clothesline.(Ray pointed that out too) A noose?! Ray had also pointed out the two ropes hanging down from this tree. Then again it might be rope for a swing but I highly doubt it. A little graffiti covers one side of the really collapsed shed. Looking closely at the picture you can see signs of No Trespassing and a signs for cats!?Yes cats once lived here. Before I visited this place it was once ruled by cats. The house is near a road and in the past my mom would slow down the car because of cats crossing the road. I have only seen one dead cat one the road in the past though. Ray and I also didn’t see any bones inside. Just signs that say how to feed the cats, food bowls, and a cat bed.Barns are also on the land. This was the larger one. A boat?! “We can’t bring everything” I guess. With plants and mold growing inside and around the boat it was still quite exciting to see this.Ray and I looked closer at the boat. Ray said that he is going to search the license later on. It expired in 1992! The smaller barn.I can’t remember if Ray said that inside were keys for a tractor but I know for sure he said there are bottles inside.“This place was cool till I noticed the big ass spiderweb.” -Raymond Nov. 14,2016Sadly the adventure had to end after spending an hour inside the forest. We went to the Shell gas station and Ray bought tea for me and himself and we headed back to my place. I plan to come back one day while it is still cold. I will take questions if you have any about our adventure. If you are really interested in this and look for more information please tell me! I sill don’t know everything about the place. And if you want you can follow me on Instagram @brookegramm or @teafreak19 / Facebook Hannah Brooke VanWijmeren. Thank you for reading!😊


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